Getting Social With….Easkey Britton

Written by Walsh:PR - September 2018

“Getting Social With” is where we get to turn the tables and become journalists ourselves by sitting down with a familiar face to tag all things social!

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to work with one of Ireland’s pro-female surfers, Easkey Britton. Not only is Easkey a champion wave-chased with a PhD in Environment and Society, but her love of the ocean and innate curiosity has also led her to become an inspiration public speaker and social activity.

We got to know Easkey when she became this year’s ambassador for the EPA’s “Story of Your Stuff”secondary schools competition. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the campaign’s cause of getting young people to consider the lifecycle of products was infections. She struck a chord with students across the country and helped motivate them to get involved in the competition. It’s safe to say we’re fans!

How do you like your news in the morning?
Via my surf & weather forecast apps!

Broadsheet or tabloid?

Laptop, smartphone or tablet?
A notebook with blank pages to journal… failing that my voice memo on my smartphone!

Favourite social media channel?

To tweet or not to tweet?

What’s the story… Instagram or Snapchat?

No coffee table is complete without a copy of….
Oceanographic magazine – packed full of solutions & inspiration for a healthy planet & healthy people!

‘Like’ – what are your favourite things on/about social media?
Mothers of Invention podcast with Ireland’s first female President Mary Robinson & comedian Maeve Higgins

‘Dislike’ – pet peeves on social media?
That we give too much of our time to it. There’s something to be said for the lost art of boredom, just being instead of scrolling.

What trend do you see taking off in your industry/social media over the next 12 months?
Campaigns on ocean plastic & single-use plastic have already exploded. Next big trend is #natureconnection

What will your Facebook status read in 5 years time?
I don’t have Facebook!

And most importantly…. most used emoji?
Waves, water splash and blue heart!

Image: Sean Jackson

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