Avonmore Standard Milk Farmfulness

Written by Walsh:PR - January 2020

We work with the very best of Irish and international food brands, like Ireland’s leading dairy brand Avonmore. Recently we supported them in promoting their ‘Farmfullness’ on-pack initiative that brought the sounds of the farm direct to their customers.

The soothing tones, which could be heard by using a QR code on the pack, included a dawn chorus – the first sound heard by the farmer in the morning; the sound of soft rain – starting gently and then cascading on the metal roof of a cattle shed; and a happy herd grazing in lush meadows – the unmistakable sound of the Irish countryside.

The concept behind the campaign was to make a connection between the product and its journey from farm to fridge. The objective was to connect farm life with families all over Ireland, particularly those living in urban areas. Aoibhin Garrihy was identified as ambassador and supported the media relations campaign that delivered a combination of print and online coverage, as well as a podcast.

Have a listen to the soothing sounds of Avonmore Fresh Milk by clinking on the links below:

  1. Dawn Chorus
  2. Rainy Day
  3. Happy Herd       


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