How We’re Trying To Become More Sustainable

Written by Tara Mulvany - April 2019

We’ve always made an effort not to waste paper, to switch off the lights and to separate our waste. But this year we’re stepping up our efforts to become a more environmentally friendly business.

Below are 5 small steps we’ve taken so far that we hope will help us make a difference to the world we work and live in. But, most importantly, they help us build an ethos of consciousness about the environment that we can also use to support our clients in communicating their own sustainable journey.


#1. We engaged our team

We took time out to inform and inspire the team with a visit to the Cool Planet Experience on Powerscourt Estate in Enniskerry. It’s a fun and informative way to deliver a very poignant message about the impact our lifestyles are having on climate change. And because we all love coffee so much, we also gave everyone their own keep cup to cut down on the use of disposable coffee cups in the office.


# 2. We joined VOICE Ireland

@VOICE_Ireland isthe environmental charity campaigning for the wise use of resources, waste prevention and sustainable water policies. Mindy O’Brien and her team at VOICE help businesses bring sustainable practices to the workplace. With more and more people becoming engaged in the topic, Mindy says: ‘Most people have a workplace they go to every day. We see this as a real opportunity for the business community to lead the way in helping their employees make more sustainable choices by starting in the office.’


#3. We nominated Sustainability Champions

Our sustainability champions have the job of looking at things like our energy usage, recycling behaviours and purchasing of office and canteen supplies to identify where changes can be made and what options are available.


#4. We went on an eco walk-through of the building

We did a walk-through of our building and made a list of the simple things that could easily be changed like moving from plastic hand soap dispensers to bars of soap; swapping chemical cleaning products for more eco-friendly alternatives, replacing kitchen cleaning pads that contain plastic with reusable cloths.


#5. We continue to learn, listen and share

We continue to educate ourselves and share insights, knowledge and discoveries with the full team. As the topic of environment continues to evolve it’s important that we continue to engage with it and stay motivated to make changes.

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